About us

Our company Estmor Trading OÜ

Live green, live for the future!

HERBAELO is a brand of natural products that we have founded to promote natural products and a healthy lifestyle. We say no to synthetic additives, polluting chemicals and toxins that accumulate in our bodies. We want to contribute to making the world cleaner and healthier. Hence our motto - Live green, live for the future!

Our purpose

In a healthy body lies a healthy spirit

HERBAELO is a brand of herbal products created to promote the use of natural products for a healthy lifestyle.


"Helped the digestion procedure, and by mixing with castor oil and applying an oil mask to the hair, the hair was fluffier and silk softer for the first time, the appearance of the hair was significantly better."


This black cumin oil took my runny nose, which usually tends to end in inflammation of the buccal cavity, in two days, and the skin on my hands is also much better.